Who'da Funk It?!  Psychedelic Funk Rock

Mind Melting, Omni-Universe Shifting Crunch Tone, Melodic Pitch Fits and Navel Gazing Sine Wave Generators.

Hailing from the mean streets of Arvada, Colorado this groovy funk rock band always keeps the jams coming and the fractals flying.  They are known to get the party started and melt those panties as note after sweet symphonic note completely shatters your concept of existence and grip on reality.  You're going to need assistance resuming normal brain function once they tear down all the walls of space and time.  So, don't forget to bring a towel because the first 3 dimensions WILL get liquified then you'll ask yourself, hmmm, Who'da Funk It?!

Latest Tracks

We funk it, thats who.