That's right, the ultimate all-in-one Personal, Business, Pleasure Assistant and Handyman Services package...and a BIG emphesis on Package, if you know what I mean. 


My name is Justin and I provide complete life, living, personal, business, delivery, transportation, financial, auto and home repair/maintenance, food and beverage, electronics, shopping, office, music, creative, pleasure(s) and many other forms of Assistance!  And that is only a small list of the nearly infinite possibilities!   


There is literally no situation, occasion, problem, challenge or circumstance that I am not capable of handling or solving and I perform with absolute perfection, intelligence, skill and swagger.

Professional Boyfriend for Hire!

"Personal" Services

Are you really lonely and just need a hug and someone to listen to you?  I am very good at listening, understanding and being attentive while offering a empathtic shoulder to cry on and a friendly supportive ear to vent or release anything you need to get out or just can't keep inside anymore!  Additionally, I am quite agreeable and full of compliments and is sure to boost your overall well being and happyness!


Full Body Massage Anyone?  These magic hands will sooth and relax all of your muscles and leave your whole body tingling with pure  bliss and rejuevenate metaphysical essences deep within...


Or maybe you need to let out some steam and tension...get rough with me!  Beat me up, kick my ass and slap me square in face, I don't care!  Whatever lifts your inner being to a higher level of awesomeness, I will do it for you!


My quick-witted, intelligent, high brow and humourus banter paired with keen observational and social approachability is perfect for that "WOW" factor, life of the party standout and memorable interaction that may get you that big job promotion after a simply marvelous company or workplace holiday party.


Or perhaps you need a more modest, sharply dressed, well spoken and reserved +1 for a formal event.  Who carries himself with a certain confident, cool suavness that will certainly Impress any high society, upper eschelon brand of character


You could even show up and show out with a super hot good looking piece of arm candy and electrify everyone into awe at your 20th highschool renunion. 


The possiblities are endless!



Personal, Business, Pleasure Assistant and Handyman Services Provider

Handyman Services

No matter the task or project, I can do it for you...with style, class and professionalism!

The list is virtually infinite of all projects and jobs I can perform or complete.  Anything from picking up the groceries, going to the post office or mowing the yard.  All the way to doing the Laundry, Home Repair, Plumbing, Doing your taxes and Auto Maintanence!  I dare you to find something I can not create a solution for.  After all, I AM "The World's Greatest, Most Ultimate Handyman!"  and I welcome you to find out for yourself!


Send a message or email today for more information and a strong, confident, super skilled Man can assist you today!

Popular Services

Some of the most requested and used include:

  • Delivery, Order Pick-up and Supply Runs

    • Food, groceries, office supplies or anything I can fit in my car, I got it!

  • Transport, Rides, Chauffeur and Passenger Pick-Up.

    • No matter the distance, whether just down street, picking up the kids from school or daycare, shuttle to or from the airport. I can even drive your moving truck across the country, or drive a new car you bought out of state.  I am a professional driver and will get you to any destination on time, safely and comfortably.

  • Website Design and Maintanence / Domain Name Creation, Purchase, Selling, Support and Management Service

    • Expert Web Design, Website Development and Domain skills for any online project or eCommerce necessity.

Music, Musical and Musician Related Categories

I have played musical instruments including Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Piano and various Digital / Electronic devices for over 24 years.  I have written, performed, recorded and produced multiple albums, solo and with many bands or groups I have been a part of.  Highly experienced and well versed in numerous aspects and formats of the musical realm I am glad to offer a variety of services and knowledge related to the universe of melody, rhythm and groove spectrum!

  • Guitar, Bass and Drum Lessons

    • Lessons can be conducted at my personal studio in Arvada or I am mobile and can travel to anywhere you request.  

    • Instruments can usually be provided if you don't own any or just don't feel like transporting them!

    • Almost any style or genre you want to learn and play can be requested, your choices, preferences and needs are my focus!

  • Sit-in, Session or Backup Guitarist and Drummer

    • I can play most styles and have an excellent ear allowing me to just jump in and start rocking! 

    • Concerts, practices, recording or any type of performance is not a problem for me.

  • Recording, Mixing and Audio Production

    • For tracks, songs, albums, demos, podcasts, audio books, YouTube videos, digital information publication or other streaming audio and alternative news broadcasting applications.  If it makes a sound, I can make it sound it's best!

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Something more "Adult?"

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