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While stocks around the world reversed the trend and slipped slightly into the red, precious metals continued to show an upward trend. They shot up as real bond yields increased their luster as industrial demand pushed up prices.


If bad news sends the stock market tumbling again, investors will sell gold and other commodities to finance their losses with other assets. I suppose they have every right to do so, and their precious metals keep their profits even if they gain no value.


There are many ways to buy precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum, and good reasons to go treasure hunting. Silver, platinum and palladium are all commodities you can add to your precious metal portfolio. Each has its own unique risks and opportunities, but in each element there are different opportunities offered to investors and traders.


For example, you might be focusing an ETF on gold, silver, platinum, palladium, copper, gold or other precious metals, and in some cases this could be a profitable short-term trade.


There are other, less volatile investment options and I think you should think about investing in a stock market-traded fund if you are expecting inflation, want to buy gold or are looking to buy gold bullion. As for why we should invest in derivatives, it is worth noting that even investment funds that operate gold ETFs want to invest in gold futures, so there is no reason why you should not.


For investors looking to buy commodities, here are some of the best commodity exchanges - traded funds that get active directly from your brokerage account, buying and selling assets such as stocks. These derivatives products are trading-only and tend to lose money when metal prices rise, but they do give you an investment and make you feel the real weight of your investment.


Precious metals traders regard precious metals as a form of money that can be held like any other valuable commodity, such as printed paper money. They have no intrinsic value, cannot be inflated, bear no credit risk, and offer unique inflation protection.


In addition to speculation and hedging, many market participants also use the precious metal futures market to make spreads. In general, the futures curve has a long-term trend in favour of gold and silver and a short-term trend against silver. There are market participants who also choose to trade in gold, silver and the like for reasons of inflation. Second, they use investment as a hedge against inflation and as a long-term investment.


The GSCI is made up of gold and silver, and it is worth noting that a similar performance is achieved in gold futures, which account for almost 80% of the sub-index.


Commodity metals include gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, nickel and other precious metals. Precious metals include gold and silver, as well as other metals such as copper, platinum and iron ore.


The Bloomberg Commodity Index covers 22 different commodities in seven categories, including gold, silver, copper, platinum, palladium, nickel, precious metals, oil, energy, coffee and potash. A commodity index fund may be more or less exposed to oil and energy or coffee or potassium, or even be limited to industrial or precious metals, for example.


If you are a beginner in the commodities market, you can invest directly in gold and other commodities. The Jewellers Centre's investment funds can be bought directly or through an investment fund or exchange traded fund (ETF).


Precious metals offer investors a wide range of opportunities, and they can access them without having physical metals. They can participate in the base metal market by buying gold, silver, copper, platinum and other precious metals and trading them on the basis of their holdings.


Investors can also acquire rare earths through trading in the precious metal futures market. Learn more about how listed commodities such as gold and oil can be traded on the basis of their futures prices.


The S & P GSCI sub-indices offer investors access to a wide range of commodities such as gold, silver, copper and precious metals. Note: Commodities include oil, natural gas, coal, oil futures, gold and silver futures. This index offers investors a variety of options in the US commodity futures market.


These elements, known as base and precious metals, offer a variety of trading opportunities for today's investors and active traders.

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