Brandable Domain Names A.K.A. "Brandables"



So far we have talked about the concept of domain # and what the difference between domain names and web hosting for your website is. In short, choosing a domain name is something that website owners must ensure they get right before they do anything else, especially if the site serves a commercial purpose. The last thing you want to do is put a ton of time and effort into branding a particular domain, only to switch to a new domain or business name when your business grows beyond the scope of the domain. You really don't want to get into domain problems when you are already established as a website brand and the loss of your domain would mean trouble.


If you find a brandable domain that is free and not registered, buying a domain is the same as buying a domain, you just need some time and patience. If your agency or person goes bankrupt or loses access to the domain registrar for any reason, you lose your domain name and it is not used. Then there are the owners who buy it to sell later, or park it and only appear in ads. This is not to say that you cannot find another website that is as good or better than your old one, but it is just not as easy as saying "I cannot find domain names that are not of use to me."


What if you know the history of a particular domain name and Google already knows about the domain. If you don't start from scratch, a domain history can give you a boost, but if you forget what you know about it, you're out of luck.


If you want to insert keywords into the name of your domain, select the most relevant keywords and work from there, or choose from a list of keywords that work best for you. While high-quality keyword names can be up to 15 characters long, a brand name should be only 7 characters long. This page helps you find synonyms and provides quick definitions that help us make silly mistakes while building a domain name around the meaning of a word. There are all sorts of helpers to help you find out whether you have found the right name for a particular keyword or keyword name, such as the keyword "brandable."


This does not mean that you have to choose an obscure word or invent a term that ends in "brandable domain," but it is a good idea not to let anyone else, such as an agency, register your domain name. If you can't find any contact information, the domain is completely empty or is being auctioned, look for a marketplace known for turning domains over.


One example is Matthew's blog, where he shares his thoughts on what a brandable domain is and how he built a niche site with a bad domain before switching to a brand domain. Lewis breaks down what you need to know to find a great domain name that has lasting power. One example is his blog entry "How to build a high-quality niche domain for your niche website or blog site by switching from a branding domain" where you can exchange your thoughts before the exact match for the domain is found.


A catchy domain name is important if you want your company name to attract people's attention and stay with them. Catchy is one of the most important characteristics of a brand domain, but not the only one. You want to make it clear that this is not a "fireable" domain. Most importantly, you don't want to compete with another TLD that ends up with the same name as your own brand name (e.g. "Catchy .com").


For this reason it is always a good idea to look around another registrar and compare the price of the desired domain name. Although all domain registrars offer the same product and register on your behalf, pricing can vary widely.


Buying a domain on a marketplace like Flippa gives you security by validating the domain in at least the most basic way. When you buy an existing domain name, it is always a good idea to go to the Wayback Machine and browse through months of domain history just to make sure that nothing opaque is going on at any time. Note: This page is worth checking if you have # new domain names and think they are worth a look, just like the price of the current one.


Note: I do not recommend ever buying a trademarked domain name, unless you are asking for trouble. As soon as you realize that hardly anyone has registered a domain with the intention to infringe anything, things happen.

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